Wishes are premonitions of abilities

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (1749-1832)

-Jet Boonstoppel, a petite woman with a strong, stunning voice, discovered only some years ago that singing makes her flourish. Inspired by the above-mentioned quote, she has since managed to translate her premonitions into practice and created her first album.

Jet always felt a lot stronger when, during difficult times, she listened to her favourite music. It was in the music and lyrics of singers such as Anouk, Sarah Bettens, Skin (Skunk Anansie), Amanda Marshall, Beth Hart, and Alanis Morissette that she found strength and inspiration. Sometimes recognition of other people’s struggles was all she needed to feel better about life.

jetbHer early years at home were characterised by music: records were played over and over again, the radio was always on and Jet’s parents completed the symphony by playing an organ and the accordion. Jet played the flute and sang in a choir. But when she discovered her desire to sing more, she secretly borrowed her sister’s guitar to guide her singing, and found that her voice gained strength and colour.

Rapidly developing her newly discovered talent, Jet made her first dollars in 2002 singing on the streets of Sidney and Melbourne, Australia. She continued singing over the years, but it wasn’t until 2014 that she started doing vocals in a rock cover band. There she discovered the enormous impact music has on her, and although she enjoyed covering existing music, she soon felt the need to create her own style.

Early 2015 Jet met producer, guitarist and songwriter Royal Brandy (Antonio da Fonseca, Kiss _ Die). They quickly became aware of the great potential of their collaboration. For a year Antonio and Jet worked intensively on the rock album “Suit you”. The songs deal with themes such as love, death, violence, and relationships that end happily—or not.

“Suit you” provides a great insight into Jet’s inner world. Different colours of her character are reflected in the songs. Although her tougher side is prominently present, she also discovered a softer side to her personality during the creation of the album. This part is reflected in the songs “Stronger”, “Kiss and Die” and “Feel your love”. In the latter she acknowledges that she is not stronger than everyone and everything, and that genuine love cannot be defeated. These songs taught her to be vulnerable.

“I don’t care what you think, what they think, what you all think” (from “Suit you”).

bio-jetbAfter taking care of others for years, Jet reached a point where she started questioning herself: “What do I want, regardless of the (unspoken) expectations that various people have of me?” She discovered that she was increasingly feeling disconnected from the true Jet. With the creation of this album she came close to herself again. She hopes to bring listeners to the core of their own being with this album.

Jet made this album together with Antonio with a specific goal in mind. Listening to her favourite female singers helped her feel stronger and got her through troubled times. If the songs on this album could help and support even a single girl, boy, man, or woman out there, Jet’s goal would be achieved.

The collaboration between JET B and Royal Brandy is a solid one. The source of their inspiration seems to be

limitless, so the songs for a second album are already in the making.

And with the first album ready for release Jet simply cannot wait to let the world know.

It’s time to rock!